Power rankings week 8

*Side note, you don’t like em, do your own !

1. Chiefs – First time ever at number 1 on my rankings….gotta since he is undefeated. Why is this happening, well according to DL , giving up 8 pts per game on defense. Number 1 defense will do that for you. Will he get that elusive 2nd ring though?

2. Bucs – hmmm ….He is doing something right, but can he get through the playoffs, still a dead wolf until he gets that ring. But as of now he is killing the league with a 7-0 record. His defense is giving him the wins. But again can he make the bowl or is he just a regular season champ

3. Bills – Surprise here….what’s going on? Well looking at DL it seems like he just out scores everyone with 32 points per game on offense. Rushing for 165 a game… that will give anyone wins…can he continue this pace in the playoffs ?

4. Giants- ALNANO is BACK! Woa …another shocker in the rankings….what is going on in season 4? Well, the Giants are hot and ready to make some noise in the playoffs. According to DL it’s his pass defense, 2nd overall. He is only giving up 152 yards per game. Defense wins championships, is this ALNANOS year?

5. Cards – yet again another surprise, there have been some grumblings about PA-Munkey going on…but whatever he is doing it is working. Is this the year that KN DOES not win the west? I think so….SM could sneak up on some people in the playoffs. Gonna be fun for sure.

6. Colts – Could be higher and probably should be higher since he is the defending champ but with all these shockers happening I simply had to bump him. He is still good, he has a decent record and again should be the favorite in the playoffs.

7. Fins – another shocker? Or no? 5-2 record is not bad but the second half of the season will show if he is a pretender or contender.

8. Bengals – With 31 points per game average he should not have as many losses…but giving up 24 a game is killing him. So he needs offense to win games and in this madden that’s a bad formula. Either way, I think he can make some noise in the playoffs.

I could put more teams but figure a top 8 is good enough. Let’s do a bottom feeder here for a quick second

GAME OF THE WEEK – Pack vs Vikes — Winner of this game wins the NFC NORTH. (Yes Windy winner of this game wins it)

Get ya game up , whats up with you guys?
Browns ( 1-6 )
Falcons ( 2-6 )
Hawks ( 2-6 )
Broncos ( 2-6 )
Pats ( 0-8 )

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