2019 Midseason Report

by the Owners of The 220 Reloaded



Redskin are still fighting to remain alive in the NFC East race. Made moves to get younger and faster on the front seven. Feel we are one year off from being serious contenders in the east.


Midway through S2, the Patriots find themselves on the bye at 4-3. The bye couldn’t have come at a better time for the banged up Patriots. New England lost Brandin Cooks for 8 weeks in week 1, and then Dont’a Hightower for 8 weeks in week 3. The team managed to get to 4-3, despite the odds against them. Sensing some urgency, Mick brilliantly traded Phil Dorsett for Zach Cunningham to fill the void at MLB, a first round pick for Denver rookie WR Todd Romanowski, an upgrade on Dorsett, and then flipped 4 year back up QB Jimmy Garropolo for a first and 5th. This helped the Patriots plug up the immediate leaks while not sacrificing much of anything toward their future. Coming off the bye in week 9 with a healthy Brandin Cooks, and a favorable schedule over the next 4 weeks, the Patriots look to return to the top of the AFC East.


I think the bengals have taken a step forward this year. Sitting at 4-3 with a key win and 2-0 in my division with a statement win against the ravens early in the season. I’ve had the opportunity to build my team how I want to and it’s paying off. If We can get more consistent on run defense and stable qb play I think we can make the playoffs


Green Bay is on their way.  Packers have played solid defense through the first half the season while limiting their turnovers. Each game has been a battle but the defense is what has been saving the packers. With a 3 headed WR corp its tough to stop the packer offense. We have 4 guys on offense that can score at will.

With that said, we look forward to the second half of the season. Gotta tweak the defense as the the new patch made offense all powerful again. Its time to buckle down and get prepared for the playoffs.


The water in Buffalo NY has a 10% proof.After last game it is apparent that Bills are the first team to likely bring the infamous butt-fumble to EA. Think EA can handle it?

Blame the coach, VD, which my sources have identified stands for Vito Dung. Back to you Commish..



The acquisition of WR D.Hopkins was a commitment to get C.Wentz the best tools around him to help his development at QB. Wentz battled a serious shoulder injury but returned a week early showing how tough he is. Overall he has played better this season compared to last year and the team hopes to continue see him grow in one of the better QBs in the league. At the age of 24 and in his second year the pressure is on for him to show what type of leader he can be.

D.Hopkins leads the league in most WR categories and combines with K.Allen and Z.Ertz to be the best 1-2-3 punch at WR/TE in the league.

The trade of OT B.Brooks made room for our 3rd round draft pick at RT who has a lot of upside with his size and strength. He just needs to improve in his technique so the FA pick up M.Schofield has been a nice addition while the rookie improves.

The HB position has 4 capable guys who all excel at different things. Ex Redskin R. Kelly has been getting more playtime but the youngest of the group, Mack, has been the most consistent of the bunch and has been rewarded with the most carries so far.

Defensively the unit is playing well, ranking in the top 3 in total defense. The trade for the Honey Badger has been well worth it. He is a super versatile player who can play any position in the secondary and has elite ball-hawking skills.

The team has had some injuries at DL, notably losing DT T.Jernigan for an extended period and placed on IR. But this injury has allowed us to play our 2nd round draft pick DT M.Akins. He was buried behind a very deep DL group but now has a chance to show the coaching staff what he can do.

DE D.Barnett looks good in second year of play coming off an injury shortened season last year. DE D.Ford has played well and gotten after the QB in his first year as a starter. The underrated CB tandem of S.Jones and R.Darby continue to grow and both hope to become elite corners sooner than later.

There has been ongoing changes at the safety position opposite Mathieu. So far there has been a rotation of guys (M. Jenkins, Hall, and CB convert J.Joseph)…. Seems as if the best combination has been Jenkins and Mathieu but the decision who plays could be game by game depending on the opponent.

Overall, playing a challenging first place schedule while being in the best division in the 220 is tough. Sitting at 5-2 and staying in first place will be a challenge considering the non-forgiving schedule ahead with the Saints, Packers, Panthers, and Texans on the horizon. Not to mention we haven’t played the Cowboys yet and still have one more game vs the Redskins and Giants. Every week will be test of our teams ability to be a playoff contender and win the NFC East.

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