Note: Published late due to Commissioner brain freeze

These are going to be short but figured we needed a preseason power rankings.  Short one liners, quick and easy :

  1. Colts: Defending champs … great offensive line and obviously can play since he won the super bowl against knight. Can he repeat?
  2. Rams: Blah…this guy…how does he do it ? Well making back to back super bowls is pretty good so I gotta put him here in number 2…which fits him perfectly….#2. He will not get to the Super Bowl this year.
  3. Chiefs: Lost to colts but had a good record last season….did he improve his team? Does it matter?
  4. Vikes: Good record made a decent run in the playoffs….is this his year to make super bowl?
  5. Bucs: Choke artist of the year, #slowgate killed his chances at winning it all. Dead wolf
  6. Jags: Made the playoffs, was a contender…can he beat the colts and chiefs?
  7. Niners: Has a decent team now, can he continue the trend and get better?
  8. Lions: I dunno , this guy….he seems trashy but starts off 5-0 …can he maintain his streak. Space ghost will be back again this year I’m sure.
  9. Saints: Made a playoff run….snuck up on people, now the test is can he do it again knowing people will no longer take him lightly?
  10. Packers: I can put myself here, right?
  11. Bengals: Always playoff bound, are the ready to make a run at the title?
  12. Bears: Can beat anyone and can lose to anyone….can he win the North this season?
  13. Panthers: Can someone please stop BB from winning another division title? Panthers can…right?
  14. Steelers: WR speed cheese please…oops I dropped my wr, can I get him back.
  15. Cowboys: He beat me so he should be higher but with that team he should always be in the playoffs and is not……

This could all change of course. So stay tuned as we will update these in week 10 or 11. Depends when I have more time. Enjoy…..


Power rankings week 16

This is being written with games still need to be played in week 16.  Two things I want to do in this small short report, MY OWN power rankings and MY OWN sim rankings. Sim is a weird term; it means one thing to one and something totally different to 31 other people. So these are my thoughts only and what I think sim is. So take it with a grain of salt, make your own if you like, either way, love’em or hate’em I’m gonna rank the TOP 6 sim players in my eyes. But first, The Power Rankings:

1. Bucs: It’s his to lose, I am in the minority on BB’s offense. Spam the RB …why not ….give the ball to your best guy …but his offense is deadly enough …will he choke in the playoffs ? Who knows but he is number 1 as of now

2. Chiefs: I never give this guy no love,( fag ) but I guess his record makes me do it this time around. I haven’t played him in a while but his record speaks for itself. He is winning games and getting ready for that SB run. Can he win 2 in one cycle in 220?

3. Vikes: Even though he is on a slight skid …..I think he is still on top. Tough defense with a good run game he will make the SB or be one and done.

4. Rams: Mr. control the safety himself comes out as the big head everyone loves to hate. Why is it that way? Who knows….but his record speaks for itself and he is the defending chump. Can he make a run? Doubt it ……but he gets lucky so who knows.

5. Colts: Hmmmmm tough one…. new owner but record is still decent. Lets see what happens once the playoffs start. (Never played him so I am going off nothing at all)

6. Bengals: Played him once a while back, at 9 wins so far seems to be a lock for playoffs…. can he get past primo? That will be the key. You can do it!

7. Jags: Never played him …seems decent with that record….can he make noise in the playoffs? Again primo is the guy to beat…….

8. Eagles: Sliding all the way down with a new Coach…. see what I did there…. oh oh will he choke it all away.

9. 49ers: Sneaking up on people. He has always been decent but now his team is set and ready to make noise in the playoffs. Its either one and done or SB winner …yup SB winner.

10. It’s tough for this one …Jets or Chargers…ill go with JETS since Gordow beat me. Can he finally make the playoffs??? I think so…. Welcome emo Jets after he is one and done !!!


  • Bottom feeders: Cards, getting a grove back
  • Falcons: Cmon bruh….you are giving us old guys a bad name. Get ya game up (wanna trade ?)
  • Ravens: SC – you are killing me, you are better than your record
  • Pats: Sup with 3 wins…you are tough on offense and surprisingly sim in my eyes. Tank maybe?
  • Raiders: Kaz you were so good last cycle, what happen man ?



  1. Realist
  2. Bigbucs
  3. DjRhude
  4. Smilez
  5. Mick
  6. Scrotal recall

I could defend this list but eh, ill just say whenever I play these guys its tough. They mix it up enough and call plays diversly on both offense and defense, didn’t see any abuse or trick gimmicks from any of these guys. I could also add Krul and Windy since we play all the time but I am bitter since I lost to both of them. But these guys, in my mind mix it up so much that it’s hard to call a good 3rd down defense.

Again sim is a unique word. If you don’t agree with this list …make your own. If you think you deserve to be on this list…lets play and ill give you my honest opinion….also am I SIM GOD…nope…not at all but I do try and play a sim style without resorting to trick gimmicks. I will also never run Cover 4 a whole drive either. But I am not perfect and will gladly take shots at my game. Go ahead I’m a big boy, do it.

Well hope you enjoy these …and if you didn’t…. well fuck it don’t read’em next time.

Disclaimer: There are a few guys I have not played… also a few guys I have not played since season I and my old memory can’t recall all of my games.



Not even sure who will be in it …but ill list my Conference champion game:

  • AFC Title game: Chiefs vs Colts
  • NFC Title Game: Bucs vs Vikes

Of course these teams could play before the title game since I have no clue of seeding’s but I will be too lazy to write up another prediction one later. Please note these were done before week 16 was finished and updated.